I got engaged in the April-18 and made the decision to take back control of my fitness and body shape. I had moved to London after finishing University and thrown myself into City life and my career goals – I worked long hours and very little routine day to day. I had, almost without noticing, stopped prioritising my well being and the weight had gradually crept on and my fitness had fallen away. I found myself grabbing 'low calorie' food on the go and going for drinks with friends to unwind.

At my peak fitness I was running half marathons and playing a lot of competitive sport, I now could barely run 5km in under 30minutes.

I tried to tackle the journey on my own and increased my exercise to 3-4 days a week but didn't see significant improvements in my body shape or weight. I was tired of not getting results so started speaking to Chris in November about how he could help - extremely motivated by what we spoke about we started the plan in December.


The plan began with a deep dive into my current exercise activities and food diary. The analysis uncovered obvious areas I needed to focus on – I had very little structure to my routine and simply wasn't fuelling my body properly. I thought I was making 'good' choices but the food often contained high sugar and low overall nutrition. I was also relatively good a few days a week, then consuming almost double the calories at a weekend and days where I didn't exercise. Chris highlighted these in a clear, non critical way and broke down where the biggest improvements would be gained.

Some highlights:

  • ““focusing on fitness (not weight loss) has got big results”

  • “57.8kg – officially the lightest I have been in 7 years!”

  • “last 10km – more than 3mins off in a month!”

The first month I had slow progress as I only committed about 70% to the plan, using Christmas and prebooked events for why I wasn't able to prep my food or missed a workout. Chris asked the right questions and gave me positive encouragement to keep going. I then fully threw myself into the plan and reminded myself why I was doing this - thereafter the results consistently kept coming. During the next two months of the plan I lost 5kg, my fitness and strength soared along with my energy. I completed a 10km in 52minutes (and immediately booked another two).


I couldn't have got this far without Chris's plan and focus on mind-set – it is the single biggest game changer! I am now just excited to see how far I can get in the next six months….