For as long as I could remember I have had a negative relationship with my body and weight.

I dieted and workout out to achieve the “ideal” body but even when I lost weight and was at my strongest, I was never satisfied with my appearance.

Eventually, I stopped working out and stopped dieting because I realised I was on a negative cycle and that the real issue was my mind set and not my body. Although I wanted to stop the unhealthy habits, I missed working out especially the positive impact it has on my mental health and also energy, so I sought out Chris to help me start working out positively.

Chris helped me work through my relationship with health and fitness by unpicking my mind set through constantly reflecting on my actions and goals. Using the 3 month plan, we focused on specific tasks every week to get me to start thinking about fitness and working out. I learnt how to manage my time and prioritise fitness by making it fun without thinking about trying to have the “dream body”.

The last 3 months has been a real change of perspective and I have now got the tools I need to approach fitness in a positive and healthy way. I could not that Chris enough for his help!