In September 2017 I stepped up my rowing training from a recreational level to a competitive level involving training 8 times a week, with the ultimate aim of achieving a seat in a boat for Head of the River 2018.

I knew I needed to have my nutrition in check in order for my body to be able to sustain the energy levels required for this relentless training regime. In the past, nutrition had always been a weakness of mine so I got in touch with Chris.

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I recorded a food diary of a typical week which Chris reviewed and analysed against the exercise I was undertaking. His feedback provided detailed breakdown of current calories/macros etc alongside targets that I should be hitting. The real value add was pinpointing parts of the week where the balance was not quite right due to other commitments or lifestyle constraints - Chris would understand these further and provide personalised tips and tricks in order to keep levels on track based on situations/limitations.

The second stage of the process was another food diary 6 weeks later to capture the changes I had incorporated into my typical diet. This allowed Chris to evaluate which parts of the program I had successfully incorporated into my nutrition plan and highlight and areas I was still falling short on. The iterative process allowed me to continue to make small changes until I was reaching all my targets. I consistently shaved time off my personal best.

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Ultimately, this process proved successful - I rowed in several head races throughout the winter season including Fours Head, Quintin Head and Head of the River - achieving a satisfying top 150 finish.

The next challenge takes rowing and nutrition to the next level. Three friends and I are taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge which involves rowing unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean, starting December 2019. We will each be rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off for up to 45 days whilst consuming 8,000 calories a day and burning through 12,000kcals
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Our first campaign event is a 24 hour row to raise awareness of our challenge and to start testing our physical limits. We'd love you to join us.

Overall, I loved the nutritional plan and it's put me in a great place to go on an conquer the next challenge!