This is the fittest I’ve very been in my adult life! 

Chris guided me to my first ever triathlon. I ranked 18th out of over 300 at the 2017 Windermere Triathlon! A few weeks later, I placed 48th out of 2,356 at the 2017 London Triathlon!

Not even I could believe it!! I was flying past people with bikes over £5,000 more expensive than mine and it felt amazing. I had learnt from my first one and this was a much cleaner race. I managed to get the best out of myself and all the training we had done to clock a time of 2:13hrs. 


Having Chris immersed in my training has given me much more structure and focus. It’s great to have someone that you feel genuinely cares about the work you are putting in! Regular emails, text messages, the occasional 1 on 1 session and using the app have all helped me get to where I am today, and enjoy getting there.

Setting concrete goals at the start was brilliant and we’ve backed it up with regular check-ins. I realise now that Chris’ knowledge and advice on nutrition and workouts have been really helpful, but the main thing has been my mindset. I’ve transformed from someone trying to achieve my goals to someone who will 100% achieve my goals and is clear on how I’ll get there.

I’m so much more focused on my training that I thought I ever would be. I feel healthier without having had to sacrifice anything with some crazy diet (in fact, we’ve discovered I can actually eat more!) and constantly re-evaluating my progress and injecting new ideas into the routine has kept it fun and effective.

Now I’ve invested in coaching with Chris my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! All those years spent muddling along myself trying to get to where I wanted to be.. Now I actually am, and it feels amazing!