The main thing I’ve taken from 3 months of workouts with Chris is more confidence in my fitness and strength.

The days when I hit up to 10 workouts a week were a long time ago and I was really scared to start training again. Now I'm starting to enjoy working out again and doing more fun things has made me excited to see what my body can do again. It has also made me way less lazy. I needed that kick start to motivate myself into getting back into fitness again. Now I'm starting to become obsessed again but in a good way rather than 10 workouts a week and no social time me!

I’m also trying new types of fitness and understanding that working out can be fun. I’ve started rock climbing or Boris biking around when it's sunny or going for walks with friends. Thanks to Chris I’ve also developed a more balanced approach to rest and don’t beat myself up if I’ve had a bad workout.

I have also definitely noticed changes in my body. The muscles are slowly becoming more defined and stronger. I'm always had quite a good and realistic perspective of my body and been pretty confident but I'd say I'm becoming even more confident because Chris and I focus on strength and ability rather than me 'losing a few pounds' or 'getting abs'. I’m starting to wear all the clothes I didn't want to before!

Finally, I'm happier! I feel like I’m getting a weird extra amounts of endorphins from our workouts (I can't work out past like 6pm or I'm up so late!).