Sometimes I’d skip dinner to try and get the results I wanted. It didn’t work. Now I eat more than ever and am in the best shape of my life!

I knew making meals to match my Instagram feed wasn’t realistic but I struggled to get my diet right. The fact was that calorie-counting and occasionally skipping meals was the only way I knew how to get quick results. In an effort to blitz away 10lbs for a holiday 20 weeks away I was also pounding away on the treadmill in almost exclusively cardio workouts.

I was so reticent to make changes and so nervous about eating more. But Chris did the maths and made me a bespoke plan to burn away the fat. We spoke through the science of how my weight loss stopped in response to my low calorie diet and I trusted him to help me make the lifestyle change I needed to feel at my best again.

Over a year on since we started working together, I have completely changed outlook on fitness. I am prepping lunch and don’t feel like it is a chore. I eat more than I ever have done and never skip meals. We’ve completely shaken up the way I look at my workouts. I am strong. I smash out core and strength work I'd not have dreamt of before and love it. It is part of life now and I can’t imagine not doing it. Not only did I hit my goals for the holiday, I changed my entire mindset forever.

I feel strong. I love it.