Quick-fix guides always failed me eventually. I’d followed plenty of different workout approaches so had built up a decent amount of fitness knowledge over the years. But I knew I had a few bad habits and wasn’t 100% confident in what I was doing.

Chris looked what I was doing and changed things up in stages to help me burn fat and build muscle more effectively. Over the 3 cycles I was introduced to a load of new exercises and resistance training approaches, including compound sets, tri-sets and circuit training. But the main progress was made on the diet. At times I felt sluggish and tired but didn’t know why. Chris’ analysis of my 7-day food diary revealed some really interesting stuff and stripping out just a few bad habits had a massive impact on my energy levels. Getting out of bed became so much easier. I was full of energy when socialising and more productive at work.

Now I’ve made a real lifestyle change. By the end of the programme I dropped 5% body fat and gained muscle. Chris still backs me up with the occasional bit of advice but I’ve sustained it pretty much on my own because I know what I’m doing now. I’ve replaced bad habits with good ones and set realistic expectations. I’m not counting calories but still confident I’m eating right. I’m working around injuries and still enjoying fitness. It has literally changed my life.