Like so many of my friends, I would get so busy at work I’d get to 3pm and not have eaten anything since breakfast. By the time I got home I’d want something quick and simple and fitness would be the last thing on my mind.

I was happy and lucky to be doing what I love but knew that fitting fitness in there somehow would carry massive health benefits and get me feeling body confident for the upcoming family holiday to South Africa. 

Chris’ flexible approach to fitness filled me with optimism from the word “go”. He assured me that, with a little creativity and smart diet fixes, I’d be hitting my target weight for the holiday.

Lo and behold the bitesize nature of the workouts Chris designed for me were easy, quick, and accessible – loved them!! Tagging 15mins of fun exercise onto a long working day became a stress release rather than a chore. Not only that, the quick healthy snacks Chris recommended helped get me through the working day without feeling hungry.

By the time we were in South Africa for the holiday I felt incredible and was in the best shape I'd been in for years. Not only that, I managed to climb one of the most challenging routes of Skeleton Gorge with my family. It was a tough 5 hour slog, much of it vertical scramble up rocks, but I powered through and made it to the top. I couldn’t have done it without Chris' help.

I honestly can’t thank Chris enough. Thank goodness for the quick exercises – they’re magic. My body can’t cope with junk food any more (a good thing!!) and I feel energised throughout the toughest of days. I have somehow managed to get into the best shape I’ve been in for years – and I’ve enjoyed it!