Walking into the weights area used to be intimidating. Now I know its where I’m meant to be. I’ve changed the way I feel about fitness forever!

Despite hating being on show in the gym my previous Personal Trainers made me smash medicine balls into the ground, perform tough Swiss ball exercises and parade around the gym doing lunge laps.

It was so refreshing when Chris actually listened to me. He helped me articulate my goals and then map a path to making them happen which I had confidence in. I had goals to get stronger and increase my cardio, but we really pinned them down and got specific. I decided I wanted shave 25% off my 10k time and to be able to do an unassisted pull-up.

Halfway through the plan I was definitely stronger and my running had improved. I was consciously planning meals and eating more. I could physically feel my body getting stronger and you just couldn't stop me! I literally bombarded Chris with updates on how well it was going – I just couldn’t help it!

Today, I can do 6 unassisted pull-ups and my 10k time is better than I even thought possible. I don’t care if I look like idiot in gym any more. I walk into the weights area and own it!