I got engaged in the April-18 and made the decision to take back control of my fitness and body shape. I had moved to London after finishing University and thrown myself into City life and my career goals – I worked long hours and very little routine day to day. I had, almost without noticing, stopped prioritising my well being and the weight had gradually crept on and my fitness had fallen away. I found myself grabbing 'low calorie' food on the go and going for drinks with friends to unwind.

At my peak fitness I was running half marathons and playing a lot of competitive sport, I now could barely run 5km in under 30minutes.

I tried to tackle the journey on my own and increased my exercise to 3-4 days a week but didn't see significant improvements in my body shape or weight. I was tired of not getting results so started speaking to Chris in November about how he could help - extremely motivated by what we spoke about we started the plan in December.


The plan began with a deep dive into my current exercise activities and food diary. The analysis uncovered obvious areas I needed to focus on – I had very little structure to my routine and simply wasn't fuelling my body properly. I thought I was making 'good' choices but the food often contained high sugar and low overall nutrition. I was also relatively good a few days a week, then consuming almost double the calories at a weekend and days where I didn't exercise. Chris highlighted these in a clear, non critical way and broke down where the biggest improvements would be gained.

Some highlights:

  • ““focusing on fitness (not weight loss) has got big results”

  • “57.8kg – officially the lightest I have been in 7 years!”

  • “last 10km – more than 3mins off in a month!”

The first month I had slow progress as I only committed about 70% to the plan, using Christmas and prebooked events for why I wasn't able to prep my food or missed a workout. Chris asked the right questions and gave me positive encouragement to keep going. I then fully threw myself into the plan and reminded myself why I was doing this - thereafter the results consistently kept coming. During the next two months of the plan I lost 5kg, my fitness and strength soared along with my energy. I completed a 10km in 52minutes (and immediately booked another two).


I couldn't have got this far without Chris's plan and focus on mind-set – it is the single biggest game changer! I am now just excited to see how far I can get in the next six months….


For as long as I could remember I have had a negative relationship with my body and weight.

I dieted and workout out to achieve the “ideal” body but even when I lost weight and was at my strongest, I was never satisfied with my appearance.

Eventually, I stopped working out and stopped dieting because I realised I was on a negative cycle and that the real issue was my mind set and not my body. Although I wanted to stop the unhealthy habits, I missed working out especially the positive impact it has on my mental health and also energy, so I sought out Chris to help me start working out positively.

Chris helped me work through my relationship with health and fitness by unpicking my mind set through constantly reflecting on my actions and goals. Using the 3 month plan, we focused on specific tasks every week to get me to start thinking about fitness and working out. I learnt how to manage my time and prioritise fitness by making it fun without thinking about trying to have the “dream body”.

The last 3 months has been a real change of perspective and I have now got the tools I need to approach fitness in a positive and healthy way. I could not that Chris enough for his help!


In September 2017 I stepped up my rowing training from a recreational level to a competitive level involving training 8 times a week, with the ultimate aim of achieving a seat in a boat for Head of the River 2018.

I knew I needed to have my nutrition in check in order for my body to be able to sustain the energy levels required for this relentless training regime. In the past, nutrition had always been a weakness of mine so I got in touch with Chris.

charlie row.jpg
oar or.jpg

I recorded a food diary of a typical week which Chris reviewed and analysed against the exercise I was undertaking. His feedback provided detailed breakdown of current calories/macros etc alongside targets that I should be hitting. The real value add was pinpointing parts of the week where the balance was not quite right due to other commitments or lifestyle constraints - Chris would understand these further and provide personalised tips and tricks in order to keep levels on track based on situations/limitations.

The second stage of the process was another food diary 6 weeks later to capture the changes I had incorporated into my typical diet. This allowed Chris to evaluate which parts of the program I had successfully incorporated into my nutrition plan and highlight and areas I was still falling short on. The iterative process allowed me to continue to make small changes until I was reaching all my targets. I consistently shaved time off my personal best.

kcals charlie.JPG
results 2.JPG

Ultimately, this process proved successful - I rowed in several head races throughout the winter season including Fours Head, Quintin Head and Head of the River - achieving a satisfying top 150 finish.

The next challenge takes rowing and nutrition to the next level. Three friends and I are taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge which involves rowing unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean, starting December 2019. We will each be rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off for up to 45 days whilst consuming 8,000 calories a day and burning through 12,000kcals
For more information see:

Our first campaign event is a 24 hour row to raise awareness of our challenge and to start testing our physical limits. We'd love you to join us.

Overall, I loved the nutritional plan and it's put me in a great place to go on an conquer the next challenge!


I've played for the GB Women's Softball team for many years. I've worked with many fitness coaches & personal trainers in my life, but Chris has been my favourite to work with by far. I would recommend him to anyone from top athletes to those just looking for a little motivation to get active again.

After having a big knee operation last year, I knew that getting back in shape for a major competition like Euros would be tough to say the least. I quickly enlisted the help of Chris at Innerfit and that was the best decision I could've made.

Before our first session, Chris spent time setting realistic & specific goals with me, getting to know my daily habits, working around my hectic schedule and listening to what I needed. His dedication to getting it right at the start made all the difference to my recovery and fitness transformation.

Our sessions were fun and effective, his creativity came through in his session planning and he seemed to enjoy our workouts as much as I did.

Above all, Chris' enthusiasm and energy inspired me. I genuinely felt he cared about my progress and considered the best approach to coaching me through, especially when my motivation was low. I could be honest with him about how I was feeling and he adapted the sessions based on my feedback with excellent communication in between to check in on my progress and check up on me that I was doing the workouts in between.

After 6 months of working with Chris, I was mentally & physically prepared for the European Championships in Italy in June. We finished with a Bronze Medal out of 23 countries, a top performance from GB, and earned a ticket to the World Championship in Japan next summer! I felt as strong and fit as girls 10 years younger than me on the team and played a key role in our success.

Qualifying for Worlds will keep our GB programme on track on our road to Tokyo 2020, now that softball is back in the Olympics. I am continuing to my work Chris to be stronger & faster than I've ever been.

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The main thing I’ve taken from 3 months of workouts with Chris is more confidence in my fitness and strength.

The days when I hit up to 10 workouts a week were a long time ago and I was really scared to start training again. Now I'm starting to enjoy working out again and doing more fun things has made me excited to see what my body can do again. It has also made me way less lazy. I needed that kick start to motivate myself into getting back into fitness again. Now I'm starting to become obsessed again but in a good way rather than 10 workouts a week and no social time me!

I’m also trying new types of fitness and understanding that working out can be fun. I’ve started rock climbing or Boris biking around when it's sunny or going for walks with friends. Thanks to Chris I’ve also developed a more balanced approach to rest and don’t beat myself up if I’ve had a bad workout.

I have also definitely noticed changes in my body. The muscles are slowly becoming more defined and stronger. I'm always had quite a good and realistic perspective of my body and been pretty confident but I'd say I'm becoming even more confident because Chris and I focus on strength and ability rather than me 'losing a few pounds' or 'getting abs'. I’m starting to wear all the clothes I didn't want to before!

Finally, I'm happier! I feel like I’m getting a weird extra amounts of endorphins from our workouts (I can't work out past like 6pm or I'm up so late!).


This is the fittest I’ve very been in my adult life! 

Chris guided me to my first ever triathlon. I ranked 18th out of over 300 at the 2017 Windermere Triathlon! A few weeks later, I placed 48th out of 2,356 at the 2017 London Triathlon!

Not even I could believe it!! I was flying past people with bikes over £5,000 more expensive than mine and it felt amazing. I had learnt from my first one and this was a much cleaner race. I managed to get the best out of myself and all the training we had done to clock a time of 2:13hrs. 


Having Chris immersed in my training has given me much more structure and focus. It’s great to have someone that you feel genuinely cares about the work you are putting in! Regular emails, text messages, the occasional 1 on 1 session and using the app have all helped me get to where I am today, and enjoy getting there.

Setting concrete goals at the start was brilliant and we’ve backed it up with regular check-ins. I realise now that Chris’ knowledge and advice on nutrition and workouts have been really helpful, but the main thing has been my mindset. I’ve transformed from someone trying to achieve my goals to someone who will 100% achieve my goals and is clear on how I’ll get there.

I’m so much more focused on my training that I thought I ever would be. I feel healthier without having had to sacrifice anything with some crazy diet (in fact, we’ve discovered I can actually eat more!) and constantly re-evaluating my progress and injecting new ideas into the routine has kept it fun and effective.

Now I’ve invested in coaching with Chris my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! All those years spent muddling along myself trying to get to where I wanted to be.. Now I actually am, and it feels amazing!


Sometimes I’d skip dinner to try and get the results I wanted. It didn’t work. Now I eat more than ever and am in the best shape of my life!

I knew making meals to match my Instagram feed wasn’t realistic but I struggled to get my diet right. The fact was that calorie-counting and occasionally skipping meals was the only way I knew how to get quick results. In an effort to blitz away 10lbs for a holiday 20 weeks away I was also pounding away on the treadmill in almost exclusively cardio workouts.

I was so reticent to make changes and so nervous about eating more. But Chris did the maths and made me a bespoke plan to burn away the fat. We spoke through the science of how my weight loss stopped in response to my low calorie diet and I trusted him to help me make the lifestyle change I needed to feel at my best again.

Over a year on since we started working together, I have completely changed outlook on fitness. I am prepping lunch and don’t feel like it is a chore. I eat more than I ever have done and never skip meals. We’ve completely shaken up the way I look at my workouts. I am strong. I smash out core and strength work I'd not have dreamt of before and love it. It is part of life now and I can’t imagine not doing it. Not only did I hit my goals for the holiday, I changed my entire mindset forever.

I feel strong. I love it.


Like so many of my friends, I would get so busy at work I’d get to 3pm and not have eaten anything since breakfast. By the time I got home I’d want something quick and simple and fitness would be the last thing on my mind.

I was happy and lucky to be doing what I love but knew that fitting fitness in there somehow would carry massive health benefits and get me feeling body confident for the upcoming family holiday to South Africa. 

Chris’ flexible approach to fitness filled me with optimism from the word “go”. He assured me that, with a little creativity and smart diet fixes, I’d be hitting my target weight for the holiday.

Lo and behold the bitesize nature of the workouts Chris designed for me were easy, quick, and accessible – loved them!! Tagging 15mins of fun exercise onto a long working day became a stress release rather than a chore. Not only that, the quick healthy snacks Chris recommended helped get me through the working day without feeling hungry.

By the time we were in South Africa for the holiday I felt incredible and was in the best shape I'd been in for years. Not only that, I managed to climb one of the most challenging routes of Skeleton Gorge with my family. It was a tough 5 hour slog, much of it vertical scramble up rocks, but I powered through and made it to the top. I couldn’t have done it without Chris' help.

I honestly can’t thank Chris enough. Thank goodness for the quick exercises – they’re magic. My body can’t cope with junk food any more (a good thing!!) and I feel energised throughout the toughest of days. I have somehow managed to get into the best shape I’ve been in for years – and I’ve enjoyed it!


It’s so good to finally have a programme I believe in. Too many programmes today just didn’t fit my life. Chris has given me one which works. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!

It’s so cliché but having worked with Chris over 3 months I feel like a better version of myself!

I was almost ready to give up on fitness. I used to love it at school and had felt amazing in a bikini even just a few years ago on. But I’d just gone through a really average patch and couldn’t find a single trainer or plan which actually worked around my schedule. I had my birthday coming up and holidays on the horizon so really wanted to tone-up. It’s not like I was desperate. I was just fed up with stuff that overpromised and underdelivered. 

Chris stepped in just at the right time. We spent literally hours talking through what I wanted to achieve and my reasons for doing it. We realised that, even though the goal to lose 10lbs was important and that getting a personal best 10k time were important, actually I just wanted to feel good and find my love for fitness again.

Suddenly I had a new sense of purpose and drive, without the self-imposed pressure or guilt I had endured on my unsustainable diets of the past. We backed up quick-wins, like subbing in healthy fats for deceptively calorific treats, with longer-term changes to set me up for the long-term.

Finally I have found how fitness can fit into my lifestyle. I feel fantastic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


Quick-fix guides always failed me eventually. I’d followed plenty of different workout approaches so had built up a decent amount of fitness knowledge over the years. But I knew I had a few bad habits and wasn’t 100% confident in what I was doing.

Chris looked what I was doing and changed things up in stages to help me burn fat and build muscle more effectively. Over the 3 cycles I was introduced to a load of new exercises and resistance training approaches, including compound sets, tri-sets and circuit training. But the main progress was made on the diet. At times I felt sluggish and tired but didn’t know why. Chris’ analysis of my 7-day food diary revealed some really interesting stuff and stripping out just a few bad habits had a massive impact on my energy levels. Getting out of bed became so much easier. I was full of energy when socialising and more productive at work.

Now I’ve made a real lifestyle change. By the end of the programme I dropped 5% body fat and gained muscle. Chris still backs me up with the occasional bit of advice but I’ve sustained it pretty much on my own because I know what I’m doing now. I’ve replaced bad habits with good ones and set realistic expectations. I’m not counting calories but still confident I’m eating right. I’m working around injuries and still enjoying fitness. It has literally changed my life.


Walking into the weights area used to be intimidating. Now I know its where I’m meant to be. I’ve changed the way I feel about fitness forever!

Despite hating being on show in the gym my previous Personal Trainers made me smash medicine balls into the ground, perform tough Swiss ball exercises and parade around the gym doing lunge laps.

It was so refreshing when Chris actually listened to me. He helped me articulate my goals and then map a path to making them happen which I had confidence in. I had goals to get stronger and increase my cardio, but we really pinned them down and got specific. I decided I wanted shave 25% off my 10k time and to be able to do an unassisted pull-up.

Halfway through the plan I was definitely stronger and my running had improved. I was consciously planning meals and eating more. I could physically feel my body getting stronger and you just couldn't stop me! I literally bombarded Chris with updates on how well it was going – I just couldn’t help it!

Today, I can do 6 unassisted pull-ups and my 10k time is better than I even thought possible. I don’t care if I look like idiot in gym any more. I walk into the weights area and own it!


There was a time I hit the gym with real purpose. 1 year ago I had lost it. I still had the motivation to go regularly, even alongside a pretty full-on football schedule. I had an idea of what I was doing, but 45 minutes doing the same old thing week in week out was boring and not getting me the functional increase in muscle size I wanted. Something needed to change.

Chris designed workouts that gave me structure and really worked around my schedule. I learnt some interesting ways to spice up staple exercises I’d been doing for years and backed it up with a diet to match. compound sets I felt the results immediately. The variety of exercises kept me focused in the gym and delivered results out of it.

I gained muscle and lost fat. Not only that; exercise was fun again!