7 Step Guide to Launch a Workplace Well-being Programme

Have you been tasked with developing a wellness programme for the employees at your company?

You get one shot at a first impression. Launching a workplace Well-being Programme is high stakes:

  • Get it right – your team embrace the initiative and engagement grows
  • Get it wrong – your team are barely notice your efforts and it dies before it has begun

So how can you ensure your launch goes with bang?

In our experience, there a 7 steps to a H-E-A-L-T-H-Y launch.

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1. Human – Get personal. Face-to-face interaction with the people you are doing this for will show you care.

Idea – Appoint well-being ambassadors (not in HR/People) to introduce the initiative at the next company meeting


2. Easy – Convenience is king. Make it super-simple to engage from the word ‘go’ and keep your message clear simple.

Idea – Kick-off with a Lunch & Learn workshop on-site for ultimate convenience without lost work hours


3. Attractive – Communications are key. Spark intrigue with promotional content and excite them with giveaways.

Idea – Share an e-Flyer titled: “Lunch & Learn Workshop + FREE Protein Snacks”


4. Learn – Test before you really invest. Get feedback on what people want from your well-being programme early on.

Idea – Share feedback forms immediately afterwards to see what people did and and like (e.g. Innerfit 1-1s).


5. Timely – Link dates in the diary to relevant well-being topics and prompt people when (and only when) it counts:

  • 2 weeks out to raise awareness
  • 1 week out to remind
  • 1 day ahead to secure attendance

Idea – Promote a Stress-Busting Workshop in Mental Health Week 14-20th May


6. Help – Gain strength in numbers. Ask your event or programme partner for all the support and ideas they can give.

Idea –  Ask your well-being partner for an example poster and email they know works well


7. Yell – Shout from the rooftops. Just when you think you’ve done enough, shout loader! Behavioral change requires persistence. 

Idea - Make the well-being event your 'go-to' conversation starter in meetings and at lunch



You get one opportunity to launch your Corporate Well-being Programme - Go for it!


To find out more about our bespoke Well-being Programmes please get in touch.