LuluLemon Sweatlife - Event Review

Saturday 22nd July saw thousands of people head to Tobaco Dock in East London for “a powerful day of mind altering, body-stoking sweat, endorphins, knowledge and connection” courtesy of Athletic apparel company Lululemon and this years’ Sweatlife Festival.  

This post highlights our key takeaways so that you can share in some of the insights from the day and decide whether to book in for the next one.


Your body talks, but do you listen?

Within fifteen minutes of having arrived at Sweatlife, Jody Shield had already helped Lululemon deliver on their promise to alter the way I think. Talking on ‘how your body talks’, she had us questioning our relationship with food. Do you eat because you are hungry or something else? How often do you truly think about the nutrients entering your mouth? What is your gut saying it needs and wants to ensure you have the fuel needed to be the best version of yourself? By the end of the talk, we were even entertaining (Jody’s) writing a letter to your tummy. Whichever tools or tips we use moving forward, Jody’s talk definitely provided some food for thought.  

Still pondering our relationship with food, we were later invited to explore our relationship with our ‘selves’ as Founder of ‘Mind, Body Bowl’ Annie Clarke shared her experience and thoughts on ‘finding our own balance’. At the heart of her message was the notion that each of us is different. ‘Balance’ will therefore mean different things for each of us. Some may find balance and happiness in a 30 hour work week with time for friends and family, while others are more comfortable working 60+ hours and being ‘always on’. Some will practice yoga on a daily basis while others are hitting up high-intensity-interval training. So, what does ‘balance’ mean for you?


Synonymous with the rapid growth of the wellness industry in recent years has been the rise of boutique studios – over twenty of which were on hand to help us get a sweat on.

Cue Urban Massage, the app connecting professional mobile massage therapists to those in need of a convenient treatment tailored to them. Before the team of masseurs at Sweatlife got their hands on me I never had a massage in London. Fifteen minutes later I was already thinking about when to book in next. We rolled onto our first workout of the day feeling fresh and ready for anything.

Perpetua quickly put that to the test with a hybrid gymnastics workshop. After a steady warm-up and reassuringly simple introduction to some basic principles, we found ourselves core engaged and upside down. Yes, while the jury is out on just how ‘functional’ these particular exercises were, we can now safely and effectively bear crawl across a room and hold a handstand.

Next on the schedule: Kobox and some “heavy bag boxing routines with functional strength training in Fight Club meets Nightclub environment”. We were expecting an intense workout and that’s exactly what we got (so much so that, in the spirit of listening to our bodies, we didn’t make our scheduled UN1T London cardio, strength, and mobility session!). Chopping and changing between punch combos and floor-based exercises, the killer soundtrack and high energy instructing made for a fun and effective full-body workout.

Despite energy levels running low, the temptation to jump on the treadmill for a complementary run clinic courtesy of GoRunRight proved too much. Within the space of 20 we had analysed our running styles and identified specific actions to help avoid injury in the future. At a time when technology is transforming the fitness industry, it the combination of a good old-fashioned video-recorder and expert with years of experience incredibly refreshing.

Fueling all of this exercise were plenty of complementary nibbles and more substantial meals being served up by the usual suspects (Pip & Nut, Bounce and Neat Nutrition to name a few).

Endorphins, Knowledge and Connection

Sweat still dripping from our Kobox workout, Chris Magee helped us slow things down by guiding us through some Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga. ‘Connection’ was the common thread running through much of the day and what better way to feel it with 200 other ‘yogis’. We had officially hit reset and recovered ready to embrace our final speech of the day.

“Knowledge is Power”, right? Wrong. Lauren Armes, business mentor founder of WelltodoLondon, closed our Sweatlife experience with a thought but (most importantly) action provoking talk on ‘how to craft your dream career’. Given the title of the talk you might have expected some resources on how to write the perfect CV, how to hunt down the right role for you and your skills. Rather, we came away inspired to look within ourselves and explore what we really want – from our jobs, careers and life as a whole. Some questions which sparked some deep thinking for me and may could do the same for you:

  • Who do you compare yourself to?
  • Who inspires you?
  • What do you really want?
  • What self-limiting beliefs are holding you back? What if the opposite were true?
  • What could you do right now to move closer to make your ambition a reality?

Whatever happens, we left ready to act on our knowledge and have fun along the way.

Should you book in for the next one?

If you want “a powerful day of mind altering, body-stoking sweat, endorphins, knowledge and connection” then: Yes. Let us know you’re going and we’ll see you there!