Nike's 'Unlimited You' - Event Review

We went to Nike’s ‘Unlimited You’ experience in East London over the weekend 19th-21st August 2017. We gathered our thoughts so that you can see what all the fuss was about.

Unfortunately Nike were slow out the blocks. The slick entrance to the edgy warehouse was not matched by the event logistics. When expectant fitness fanatics looked for their complementary kit it seemed to always come back in the wrong size. 

Luckily, the experience immediately picked up when a super-energetic trainer got 30 of us in single file and led us into our Barry’s Bootcamp experience while another 30 marched off to a boxing based Kobox workout. It wasn't long before we were pushing our limits on the treadmill to a killer soundtrack by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and surrounded by light flowing across the walls. Push the experience back 5 hours and lose the treadmills and it would've felt more like a night out than a workout. One last sprint at the end of our 40min workout left the sweat dripping and pulse racing. I thought that was that. How wrong I was…

Having just caught my breath it was time for a change of footwear ahead of workout 2: a unique Nike Training Club (NTC) session. It was here that the sheer genius of what Nike were doing struck.

Not only were they marketing themselves to an audience of social-media loving millennials in an edgy East London location, they were slipping them into Nike product. If like me you’d never realised how comfortable a Nike Free shoe slipper or Nike Training trainer actually were, this (let’s be honest, entirely unnecessary..) costume change left you in no doubt and a whole lot closed to buying a pair!

Our rented glow-in-the-dark Nike’s held our attention only briefly, since what greeted us upon entry to the NTC session was even more captivating: a real live orchestra! Yes, for the next 20mins we mixed burpees and boxing, tai chi and yoga, to the backdrop of a large musical ensemble. We loved it.

If in any doubt, a sweet taste in the mouth was guaranteed with the free post-workout grub. Nike guests indulged in a heavy dose of healthy (ish) goodness and reflected on exactly had just happened…

Be in no doubt – this was a lesson in marketing. Nike got their target audience to pay to trial their product and associate the global sports apparel powerhouse with the cool fitness boutiques emblazoning London right now. Even smarter, they left their fitness fanatics a playground of posing opportunities to kick-off a wave of social-media marketing Nike don’t need to pay for.

Yet despite all the business motives, the fact is that Nike delivered a fantastic experience people want to talk about – Innerfit included!

If you’d like to chat about the experience or want to join us at some of the other cool fitness events we'll be heading to over the next few months get in touch!