Ready. Set. GOAL

Act I, Scene I

Jimmy Gym-Goer: “Hey Pete, I’m psyched and ready to go!”

PT Pete: “Sweet! Where do you want to go?”

Jimmy Gym-Goer: “errr… I mean I’m ready to go… to get fit… you know”

PT Pete: “Sweet! What exactly do you mean by ‘get fit’?”

Jimmy Gym-Goer: “errr… what do you mean ‘what do you mean?’?”

PT Pete: “Ahhh, okay. Well we can get you ‘fit’ in different ways. How about we define what you mean by ‘fit’ and then get training?”

Jimmy Gym-Goer: “errr… ”


Aside from the punctuation, a few things are wrong with the above! This post looks into why and how SMART goals can help you achieve fitness success.

Why Set SMART Goals?

Nearly 50% of people who start a training program drop out within the first few months. Why? One reason is that they don’t define what they want to achieve.

If you fancy swatting up on some psychology, have a read of these: Turning Pro, Energy Is Everything, Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential, Happinness by Design, Drive, Flow: The Psychology of Happinness. If you can’t be arsed (just in case..!) trust me that it’s in our nature to seek out purpose.

With purpose, motivation will come by simply remembering WHY we’re doing what we’re doing. If your reason to work out is strong enough you’ll want to workout [link to other blog]

How to Set SMART Goals?

Act I, Scene 2

Imagine Jimmy Gym-Goer and PT Pete give it another go and sit down to discuss Jimmy’s:

A. Start-point

B. Ambition

C. How to get from A. to B.


The devil is in the detail. No more ‘I want to get fit’. We want explicit content!

Imagine Jimmy’s goal is to shed some fat. How much? Jimmy says 3kg’s worth.

Don’t be airy fairy wishy washy

Do dig deep into the detail of what you’re aiming for


You can only manage what you can measure. So whether it be BMI, fat %, waist to hip ratio, speed, how you feel, resting heart rate, or blood pressure, make sure you’ve got a metric to keep you on track!

For Jimmy and his 3kg fat goal, this means using a body fat composition test (buy one online or get it FREE as part of the InnerFit Fitness Consultation [link]) – after all losing 3kg of FAT is different to losing 3kg in WEIGHT.

Don’t leave it down to guesswork

Do regularly track concrete targets


Your goals must be just that – YOURS!  

PT Pete’s ears are peeled as he helps Jimmy set his 3kg fat loss goal.

Don’t let your trainer or anyone else set goals for you

Do ensure YOUR goal is just that; YOURS


Can you really, I mean REALLY, achieve what you’re setting out to do? So many people get in the Wrong Ring – comparing themselves to Victoria’s secret or Men’s Health models. YOU are better than that!

“I want to look like this guy” says Jimmy Gym-Goer, shoving a copy of Men’s Health in front of PT Pete. Unfortunately, fitness doesn’t come like a haircut at the barbers! Pete reigns him in to a realistic 3kg target – while also discussing Jimmy’s desired timeline to success.

Don’t set yourself up for failure with unrealistic targets

Do think about what YOU can realistically achieve


Dreams without deadlines are just that – dreams. Turn them into goals and make it happen by setting a deadline!

Understanding 6-week abs isn’t the most realistic of goals, Pete and Jimmy decide 100 days – broken into short, mid and long-term cycles – from today will be the Jimmy’s 3kg fat burn target date.

Don’t just leave it as ASAP or ‘the summer’ 

Do set a date and short, medium and long-term goals

Feeling SMART? I hope so.

Like I always say (alright.. have said.. once.. maybe) – “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” I hope this framework helps you put your fitness ladder up against the right wall.

Don’t be a dumb-ass

Do set SMART goals