I F***ing Love Food

Lucy LOVES food. Burgers. Cheese-burgers. Bacon-Cheese-Burgers. Chips. Cheesy-Chips. Chocolate. Ice-Cream. Chocolate Ice-Cream…

But on a fat-loss mission these are out of bounds right?


I’m sure Nelson Mandela could have avoided Big Macs and Nik Naks forever. But Lucy is not Nelson Mandela. Like most of us, Lucy knows that cutting out the food we love is a recipe for disaster – a big boozy bacon-burger binge, to be precise.

So why not take a more balanced approach? If you’re hungry – eat. If you’ve hit your weekly target – reward yourself. That doesn’t mean finish the whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s Phish-Food or bulk-buying at Byron Burger. It does mean eating the food you love – and savouring every mouthful while you’re at it. This way, you’re far less likely to relapse and, if you do, the damage won’t cost you so many minutes on the treadmill.

Even better, who’s to say eating clean can’t mean eating tasty? Take a look at how Lucy could carve out some tasty meals while hitting her fat loss goals.


Alright, so they might not be quite as satisfying as a juicy burger, but they sure ain’t bad. And there’s plenty of other options if these don’t tickle Lucy’s fancy!

All meal ideas are from the Meal Inspiration section of the InnerFit 3-Cycle Program – if you’re interested start Your Journey with us – we’d love to have you on board!