Fitness, Protein & Prosecco



The first ever 'Fitness, Protein & ...' Innerfit event. Over 40 guests joined to make for an incredible evening.


Starting with Fitness, we ran 4x 12minute workouts across 4 different disciplines:

  • Boxing Basics with Chris Pinner - Pad & glove work in partners to get you smiling and sweating

  • Bodyweight Blitz with Chris Pinner - Full-body fitness using just a yoga mat and you

  • AMRAP Challenge with Sophie Tosone - Complete as many rounds as possible in the allotted time to build some healthy competition

  • Warrior Workout with Lyanne Hodson - Functional compound movements, cardio and mobility circuits


Workouts finished by 8.30pm before we moved on to Protein:

  • Post-workout salad courtesy of LEON

  • Healthy hummus from food visionary ChicP

  • Prizes from Pic’s Peanut Butter for their ‘Pics of the Day’

  • FitKitchen vouchers and 7-Days worth of food for one lucky winner

  • Protein packed shakes and energy balls from Protein Chefand UFit


And if that wasn’t enough, Innerfit's Nutritional Therapist Kristy Coleman hosted a guest talk as we all sipped on a glass of prosecco!



Feedback and photos

Such a great event! The atmosphere was electric. I’ve never been to a fitness event like it!
— Tom
Fitness, Protein & Prosecco was SO good! I wasn’t too sure how it would work but the event title excited me so I gave it a shot. It is hard to pick a particular highlight since it was all so fun
— Becky
The workouts were intense but the variety meant you flew through without even realising. Before I knew it 45mins was over and I was listening to an awesome talk
— Chris