Healthy Snack Guide

Stay healthy even when life gets hectic with some quick snacking ideas. It includes my top foods for feeling full without the fear they are taking you away from your goals!



What you get

DIY Recipes

  • Selection of homemade healthy snacks to give a go
  • The science behind why you should give them a go


  • Top tips on what to go for and what to avoid
  • My verdict on protein, nut and seed bars as well as protein shakes


  • I have hand-picked the snacks in this guide to help you stay healthy when life gets hectic

  • I’m not a dietician, but I am a nutrition nerd and would love to talk with you about it


Want to chat about nutrition?

I’d skip breakfast having binged the night before. But then I’d get so hungry and do it all over again! Chris helped me eat to stabilise my energy levels and escape the yo-yo approach
— Innerfit member
Talking through my food diary with Chris I realised some ‘treats’ were so much better than others. We picked out which I’d indulge in and which to avoid and I felt the results almost instantly
— Innerfit member