Fitness, Protein & Mindfulness


A mindful health experience. Guests got 4 x 12 minute workouts, post-workout nutrition and a talk on mindful fitness.


Fitness Workshops:

  • Workshop 1Functional Movement with Lucy Wheeler & Hannah Wilson - Passionate about functional fitness, Lucy & Hannah will be guiding you through movement patterns to develop strength useful in sport and every day life

  • Workshop 2: Animal Flow with Oli Thompson - Bringing the element of play back into fitness we’ll run through some fundamental Animal Flow movements before bringing them together into a fun, fluid flow. Expect crabs, scorpions, ape and beast variations all in the name of fitness!

  • Workshop 3Strength & Stability with Chris Pinner - Combining control and power to move your body exactly how you want to, follow Chris through slow and effective bodyweight moves which challenge you in unexpected ways

  • Workshop 4: Voga with Alyssia White from House of Voga - A fusion of Yoga and Voguing, fitness and fashion, set to an 80s House beat and designed to empower. Think VOGUE. Think YOGA. This is VOGA. 

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After all that, we ran a Talk on Mindful Fitness:

What does fitness mean to you? What could it mean? We spoke about building a relationship with fitness and the body to feel good. As well as a goodie bag, guests got post-workout nutrition courtesy of our partners: The Collective Yoghurt, ChicP, Po_ten_cy and FitKitchen

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Feedback and photos


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Such a fun evening. Like nothing I’ve ever been to before and loved every second! I wasn’t feeling confident going into it but came away revitalised!
— Daisy
Super-cool concept and introduced everyone in the room to new ideas and ways of thinking. The workouts were great and the discussion was even better
— Luke