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Objective: Create a fitness community within WeWork which enhances the experience of existing members and appeals to new ones. We aim to boost productivity and relationships at Spitalfields.

Action: Working together, the Spitalfields Team and Chris worked together to build interest and engagement in workouts. We listened to members to understand the best times and type of exercise for them and set about promoting Wellness Wednesday HIIT workouts. Every 3 months, we host a Lunch & Learn Workshop and Full Day of 1-1 Fitness Consutlations to broaden then offer to be relevant for the full WeWork community.

Result: Class numbers have been regularly hitting 15+ and feedback has been fantastic. Members are networking and making new friends and the lunchtime workshop got some great comments too. WeWork Spitalfields now has a genuine fitness community.

  • “It was great seeing the class so busy last week!”
  • "The workshop on Food & Fitness to combat stress was great. Chris really knew what he was talking about and answered some really detailed and specific questions”
  • "It was a really good session; it was tough, but there were different options so it was as tough as you needed it to be! It was amazing to do outside, especially as it is summer, but also really nice to do something like this with the members and be able to get involved with them outside of the building. Will definitely do again!"
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