MRM & Momentum

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Challenge: Boost the well-being of everyone at Momentum & MRM. Put another way, when asked “what is it like to work at Momentum or MRM?”, help both agencies create a well-being offer so good that people instinctively reply with a glowing review of everything it has done for them.

Action: Weekly fitness classes as well as ongoing support as part of a bespoke package, We have worked together to tailor classes to suit the needs, delivered ‘Well-being Inductions’ for new joiners and continue to refine the offer (e.g. hosting focus groups). Listening to what everyone in the office wants has also allowed us to leverage the Innerfit network and set up, for example, talks from a Nutritionist and Mindset Coach.

Result: We’ve had amazing feedback from all those attending the weekly classes as well as the ‘Newbie Day’ workouts. We’re working well together to refine the offer to engage everyone in the office. Some feedback from classes so far:

  • Wednesday MFit classes are such an awesome idea. They break up the day and, even though we’re busy, inevitably mean I get more done overall
  • Absolutely loving MFit right now. Quick lunchtime workouts are a regular part of our teams’ week now and I’m feeling fitter and healthier because of it
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