Challenge: Educate and inspire the Innocent team over a Lunch & Learn Session followed by an afternoon of 1-1 Fitness Consultations

Action: Chris, Innerfit's founder, spoke in front of a busy picnic area on 'How to Design Your Own Workout Plan' and stayed for a fully afternoon of 1-1 Consultations.  

Result: The talk went down really well with an engaged audience, who continued to ask questions for 15mins after the talk itself came to an end. As well as live exercise demonstrations, we covered topics such as: what to eat and when, how to mix cardio and strength exercises and top fitness myths. The 1-1s got amazing feedback too and, over one year on, Chris is still in touch with a number of the team:

  • "Thanks a lot for coming in and for our chat. I did find it useful because it definitely gave me some food for thought"
  • "You’ll be glad to hear that I’m bringing in my own snacks and it’s helping – check out the photo of today’s snacks. I’ve only had 1 little handful of cereal this week…so I’m improving"
  • "On the smarter choices when eating out…I’m struggling a bit with that. But I’m definitely being more mindful about it. Maybe one day I’ll get that healthy salad instead of the chips"
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