Here East


Objective: As part of Mental Health Awareness Week at Here East, offer members a group workshop and morning session of 1-1 Fitness Consultations to help answer members’ more personal well-being questions

Action: Chris, Innerfit’s founder, ran a lunchtime workshop on ‘Food & Fitness to Combat Stress’ sandwiched between a morning and afternoon of 1-1 Fitness Consultations. 

Result: Initial plans were only to host 1-1s in the afternoon, but slots filled quickly. As the waitlist grew and grew it was decided to book in a full morning too (which ended up having a waitlist too!). Both the workshop and 1-1s got some fantastic feedback, including:

  • “This [1-1 follow up document] is excellent, thank you very much for sharing. Not what I was expecting at all, in fact it’s beyond my expectations. You’ve provided a lot of useful information here which I’m keen to implement.
  • “Many thanks for sending these through. I have ordered my resistance bands and have got my partner involved as well. I have started with the 11min youtube video you posted and will be trying out the resistance training from Wednesday this week”
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