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Objective: To add further to Engine’s Health & Wellbeing portfolio by offering staff at their London based offices on site/1:1/professional coaching around physical fitness and how it’s integral to overall health & wellbeing.

Action: 1-1 Fitness Consultations and Lunch & Learn Presentation on ‘Optimising Your Own Workout Plan’

Result: Amazing feedback and engagement with the 1-1s as well as the presentation hosted in 2017. Since hosting the first 1-1 at Engine, Chris has helped over 30 Engine employees improve their physical and mental well-being:

  • I’d wanted to change my diet for years and was at a pretty major turning point before meeting Chris. I had been taking it day by day but still (truth be told) being a little lazy at times. Our chat really did give me structure backed up by the shot of energy I needed to change my life around. I’ve made real progress since we spoke and have been singing his praises all round town!
  • Chris’ presentation was fantastic. It covered all the key topics and answered my burning questions on resistance training vs cardio. I also booked in for a 1 on 1 Consultation with Chris, which was even better! I was amazed at how much we managed to cover!”
  • Amazing talk!! I loved the audience interaction and the section on goal setting. In 45mins Chris really helped me improve my approach to the gym! I also really valued his help in the 1 on 1 consultation. We quickly got from general fitness chat to what mattered for me, and I came away with some extra reading and clear next steps. 30 minutes chatting with Chris and you’ll have your fitness questions answered!