Bird & Bird


Challenge: Deliver an educational and action-inspiring Lunch & Learn workshop as part of Bird & Bird’s Learning at Work Week to help boost productivity and show employees we care for their well-being.

Action: Chris, Innerfit’s founder, ran a 45min session on the Neuroscience of Mindset & Motivation.  The presentation brought to life the guidance shared on the Innerfit blog and was tailored to resonate with the high-pressure and fast-paced nature you would expect at a top global law firm.

Result: Over 40 people joined the session and shared some amazing feedback:

  • “Chris's confidence and passion clearly came across. I felt the session was a good balance of actions and science (and humour!)“
  • “Particularly enjoyed the ideas for things to look into/books to read – such an interesting topic and it's great to actually come away with ideas to start the ball rolling“
  • “It was valuable to learn to always ask why to understand your true motivation“
  • “Thanks for putting on this session, it was really good!“