Struggling To Get Fit? Get A Workout Buddy

Let’s focus on your wellbeing.

How are you doing? Do you ever feel you would like to do more but lack motivation?

We have all been there, after a long day in the office it’s a struggle to motivate yourself to go to that gym session, or for that run. There is no-one to answer to, you won’t be letting anyone down, so you just go home for an evening on the sofa. 

Now imagine that post work workout session was with a buddy. If you drop out you feel like:

  • You are letting them down

  • You’d have to explain why

  • They will be getting fit, you won’t be

Can you see what a powerful motivator a workout buddy can be?

rowing teamwork unsplash.jpg


  • Accountability – The commitment to a buddy stops you bailing, you’d be letting them down

  • Enjoyment – Comparing stats, challenging each other, banter whilst you workout, it all adds to the fun

  • Intensity – Workout with a buddy and healthy competition might push both of you up a level

  • Safety – A workout buddy could help you push your boundaries while keeping a safe eye on you

  • Variety – Learn new moves, try new activities, mix it up a bit, a buddy makes you braver 

Would you like some accountability to discuss your progress?


Whether you are new to town or have a circle of friends around you, there are many ways to find a workout buddy: 

  • Ask friends – Maybe they want a workout buddy too or know someone who does

  • Go to Classes – You already have something in common with your classmates, strike up a conversation

  • Get Social – Use Instagram and other social channels for the very reason they were built; to socialise! 

  • Use Apps – Try out apps like Whistle, FitmMatch or Strava or racefully for a similar effect but at a distance


Just like when hiring a Personal Trainer, choose a workout-buddy who’s right for you.

Go for a ‘doer’, someone who won’t bail on you and who is in it for the long term. You might benefit more from finding someone with a similar goal, style and overall vibe to you but the most crucial thing is to find someone you enjoy being with.