Too Busy to Keep Fit? Try Fitness From Home

It’s been a long day with hardly a minute to spare.  The thought of heading over to a gym, working out, then the journey home is just too much.

How about heading home, working out to free yourself of the day’s tensions, a relaxing shower then chilling out on your own sofa… Bit more doable?

Read on for some take-home ideas to inspire you to get fit in your own home, at a time and level that works for you.

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We’ve all said it: “I’m too busy to workout”.

Being “busy” is the number one reason most of us give for not getting fit.

That is not surprising given the average UK worker only takes a 34 minute lunch break and has an average daily journey of 58 minutes (about 27 working days a year).

That is one reason why home fitness is on the increase. You do it when you’re free, at a level that suits you and in the comfort of your own home.  What’s to not love?


The answer is, right now. Let’s plan this:

  • What is your goal?

  • What space do you have?

  • What times can you block out?

  • Could you add any kit or a workout buddy?

Depending on what answers you have just written down, you could use these three ways to make home fitness work for you.


Technology has opened up a world of fitness videos catering for almost any fitness goal. With just a laptop and wi-fi you can access pre-recorded fitness videos and, more recently, livestream workouts.

Influencers like Adriene and The Body Coach offer hundreds of free pre-recorded videos on YouTube. Fitness Blender, Les Mills and Cody will also help you workout in ways that suit you. 

More recently, platforms and SocialiveTV make it possible to livestream workouts in HD from anywhere in the world.  Theo, co-founder of "fit tech" startup SociaLive TV explains, “Last week we connected people from 14 different countries, from Australia to the US on the same LIVE online class… real-time from the comfort of their own home”. As one viewer puts it: "I could see and hear so well that it really felt like being with her. I clapped at the end like in class!"

Define and Barre3 offer a range of full-body workouts – in-studio results and at-home convenience - with kit, or without. 

Whatever your goal, there is something for you.

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Need time away from the screen?

Go back to basics with a rug and your bodyweight.

Sites like can teach you the moves (okay, so technology may still be helpful!) or learn from a knowledgeable friend or Personal Trainer. 

Why not rope in a partner, a set of dumbbells or resistance bands? Kit like this takes little time or money to get hold of and can really spice up a home-workout.

3. Active Daily Living

Any Fitbit owner (or indeed friend of one!) will know how valuable getting in 10,000 steps a day can be. Being active at home is an easy hit, it’s just about changing habits. In their book ‘Switch – How to Change When Change is Hard’, authors Chip and Dan Heath cite a study of hotel maids and their exercise habits. The maids were mostly unaware of the calories being burned during their various activities (e.g. 40 calories for changing linens for 15 minutes and 100 calories for 30 minutes of vacuuming). 

After four weeks, half of the maids were told the good news, the other half were left thinking their activities were not really exercise. The results? The maids who had been told they were exercising had lost 1.8lbs more than the uninformed group. The Heaths put this down to the sense of progress maids felt when acknowledging the value of their activities. 

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So from now on, remember moving around the house counts as exercise, feel good! 

Carving out time to go to a fitness session isn’t always possible. A quick home workout is definitely worth trying. At best, it could mean you’ve uttered the “I’m too busy to workout” excuse for the last time.